Perry L. Smith

Republican, Rawlins
Territorial Legislature 1879-1881
Territorial Auditor 1884-1886

Perry L. Smith was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, in 1836: his family moved to Iowa in 1839;·went to Kansas in 1855; entered into various contracts with the Union Pacific Railroad Company, in 1867, and followed the building of the railroad from Nebraska west into Wyoming, and until the east and west tracks were joined in Utah; on completion of this work, in 1869, returned to Rawlins and located: postmaster there for about twenty years; affiliated with the Republican Party: appointed Carbon County Commissioner in 1869. and elected for two terms, being chairman of the board each term; in 1874 elected county clerk for two years: served in the Legislatures of 1879 and 1881; appointed as Territorial Auditor, taking oath of office March 31, 1884, and serving until April 2, 1886; purchased a ranch south of Rawlins where he spent the greater part of his time, after retiring in the early 20's; moved to San Gabriel, California, where he made his home; died September 29, 1928, in San Gabriel, California.