History of the Wyoming Blue Book
The Wyoming Blue Book is a 5 volume administrative history of Wyoming State Government published by the Wyoming State Archives. Each volume covers a specific period of time:

Volume I -- European exploration to 1890, including acquisition of land, territorial years and statehood.
Volume II -- 1890 to 1943, including the early days of statehood and a history of Wyoming's counties.
Volume III -- 1943 to 1974, including a study of equality in the Equality State.
Volume IV -- 1974 to 1990, including sections on government, education, economy, culture and the Wind River Reservation.
Volume V -- 1990 to 2007.

We have endeavored to combine all five volumes in the series into one simplified, searchable and updated resource, but complete, word-searchable PDF files of each volume can be found by following the links above, along with a brief history of each edition.

Why Call it a Blue Book?

According to Governor Hunt's Introduction to the original Blue Book (now Volumes I & II):

The term ''Blue Book" as applied to government and state manuals is an accepted custom throughout the United States and originally the name was derived from the fact that all such publications, documents and reports had blue paper covers.

Editor Virginia Cole Trenholm adds:

The term "Blue Book," regardless of color, is generally applied to the printed collection of facts which many states publish every two years.

Bringing the Blue Books into the 21st Century

Archivists love paper. We love books. After all, that is kind of our thing. But we also love sharing information. As useful as the 5 volume set of the Blue Book is, virtually the moment a new book is published, it is out dated. New officials come into an office, populations change, and history is made during the course of normal business. In our increasingly digital age, a digital version of the Blue Books seemed appropriate. This wiki turns the invaluable reference resource of the books into a fluid, living document that can be updated to reflect current events, keeping the information at Wyoming's fingertips. It also provides us with the opportunity to add information not available in the books and links to additional resources.

Purchasing Copies of the Blue Books

A limited number of Volumes I-V are still available for sale through the Wyoming State Archives