Charles W. Burdick
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Member of the Wyoming Constitutional Convention 1889
State Auditor 1890-1895
Secretary of State 1895-1899

Charles William Burdick was born on August 15, 1860 in Toledo, Ohio. After receiving a law degree from the University of Michigan, Burdick came to Wyoming in 1879 and engaged in ranching in the Saratoga Valley. He was active in political and public affairs throughout much of his life. He was elected first State Auditor in November 1890 and served one term. He was later elected Secretary of State in 1895 and served one term. Afterwards he settled in Cheyenne to practice law and develop interests in oil development in the Salt Creek oil field and ranching. Burdick was an early memeber of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association.

He married Harriet Fuller in 1885. After her death, he married Mary S. McCalman in 1925.

Burdick died in Washington, D.C. on January 18, 1927.

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