Benjamin Gallagher

Sub Neg 1896, Benjamin Gallagher, portrait.jpg
WSA Sub Neg 1896

Territorial Auditor 1869-1870
Ex-Officio Superintendent of Public Instruction 1869-1870

Benjamin Gallagher was born in Pleasant Grove, Iowa, in 1840; appointed post trader at Fort McPherson, near Kearney, Nebraska, about 1864 when the Fort was used as an outpost of defense against the Indians; remained at the Fort a few years, then went to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he engaged in the general merchandise business with Sam Megeath, under the firm name of Megeath and Gallagher. The partnership being dissolved upon the death of Megeath, and the stock of goods sold; one of the Committee who met Governor Campbell on his arrival; one of the Grand Jurors summoned to appear Tuesday, May 25, 1869 at the sitting of the first court in the city of Cheyenne; appeared as a candidate on the People's ticket for the City Council in January 1868; later affiliated with the Democratic Party; appointed as a committee man on the Democratic Central Committee of five to nominate a candidate to be elected as a delegate to Congress: appointed by Governor Campbell as first Territorial Auditor, taking oath of office December 10, 1869 and serving until June 4, 1870: by virtue of this position, he was the first ex-­officio Superintendent of Public Instruction, serving from December 11, 1869 until June 4, 1870; died in Omaha, Nebraska, March 1900.

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