Welcome to the Wyoming Blue Book wiki!

he Wyoming Blue Book is a 5 volume administrative history of Wyoming State Government published by the Wyoming State Archives.

We have endeavored to combine all five volumes in the series into one simplified, searchable and updated resource, but complete, word-searchable PDF files of each volume can be found by following the links in the History of the Wyoming Blue Book section. This wiki is a "living" document, so check back often for updates and additions!

For comments and suggestions please contact the Wyoming State Archives.

What's New?

Happy Archives Month!

Updating information on individual legislative sessions.

Founding docs updated and Constitutional Convention added, including some biographies of delegates.

We're launched! The wiki is now available to the public.

Links, links and more links! Also royal visits and founding documents.

Nearly all of the 5 Elected's biographies are up! As are the community college pages. Look for state directories to be added soon.

Much of the post-2007 updates are now completed. The Wind River Reservation section has been completed as well, and the left navigation bar has been rearranged. Look for the state chronology coming soon!

Just about everything! We are currently populating the main State Government pages with tables and biographies, as well as updating the tables to reflect what has happened in the state since the 2007 end of Volume V.