Wyoming State Buildings
Brammar Neg 6565, Capitol and surrounding area, oblique aerial, 1950s.jpg
Birds eye view of the Capitol Complex. Several state buildings including the Capitol Building, Supreme Court Building, and Barrett Building are visible in the center this photograph from the 1950s (WSA Brammar Neg 6565)

Wyoming State government works out of buildings located throughout the state, but many are in Cheyenne. The buildings are maintained by the State Building Commission, formerly named the Capitol Building Commission.

Capitol Complex Building Names

As state government grew and additional buildings were built to consolidate work spaces and move agencies and departments out of leased space, it became increasingly confusing to refer to buildings within what is now known as the Capitol Complex (the area around the Capitol Building in Cheyenne). In the November 4, 1975 Capitol Building Commission meeting, Governor Ed Herschler suggested that the buildings be renamed in honor of the governor in office at the time of their construction and the rest of the commission agreed. As new buildings were built or acquired, the naming tradition continued.

State Buildings

This is an incomplete list of buildings owned by the state.
Building Name


Date Built
Capitol Building

200 West 24th St., Cheyenne

Supreme Court Building

2301 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne

Barrett Building

2301 Central Ave, Cheyenne

Emerson Building

2001 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne

Rogers Building

316 West 22nd St., Cheyenne

Kendrick Building

2320 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne

Herschler Building

122 West 25th St., Cheyenne

Hathaway Building

2300 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne

Hunt Building

2305 Carey Ave, Cheyenne

Smith Building

2219 Carey Ave, Cheyenne

Hansen Building

2515 Warren Ave, Cheyenne