Wyoming's Founding Documents

Organic Act

Approved by Congress July 25, 1868, creating Wyoming Territory. The territory was formally organized on May 19, 1869, when Governor John A. Campbell arrived in Cheyenne to take office.

Women's Suffrage Act, 1869

Approved by the Territorial Assembly and signed into law by Governor John A. Campbell on December 10, 1869. This act was the first in the nation to guarantee universal suffrage.

Womans Suffrage, 1869-color adjust.jpg
Women's Suffrage Act passed by the 1869 Territorial Legislature (WSA SOS records)

State Constitution, 1889

Drafted during the Wyoming Constitutional Convention September 3-30, 1889. Approved by voters November 5, 1889. Wyoming became a state on July 10, 1890. Much of the wording and concepts were borrowed from other constitutions, but the sections on universal suffrage and water were unique to Wyoming.

1890 WY State Constitution, original, p1, preamble---Color Adjusted.jpg
Preamble to the Wyoming State Constitution (WSA SOS records)