Federal Judges
Sub Neg 17492, Interor of courtroom, Judge Riner presiding, Stimson photo.jpg
Interior of the US District Courtroom in Cheyenne. Judge Riner presiding (#4) (WSA 17492)

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Seat 5 was established in 1949 and has been continuously filled by Wyoming. Prior to its creation, Wyoming was under the jurisdiction of seat 1 out of Colorado.

John C. Pickett, 1949-1966 (senior status 1966-1983), appointed by President Truman, died in office
John J. Hickey, 1966-1970, appointed by President Lyndon Johnson, died in office
James E. Barrett, 1971-1987 (senior status 1987-2011), appointed by President Nixon, died in office
Wade Brorby, 1988-2001 (senior status 2001-present), appointed by President Reagan
Terrence L. O’Brien, 2002-2013 (senior status 2013-present), appointed by President G.W. Bush
Gregory A. Phillips, 2013-present, appointed by President Obama

U.S. District Judges

Seat 1

John A. Riner, Cheyenne, 1890-1923 (senior status 1921-1923), nominated by President Benjamin Harrison, died in office, d. 1923
Thomas Blake Kennedy, Cheyenne, 1921-1957 (senior status 1955-1957), nominated by President Hardin, died in office, d. 1957
Ewing T. Kerr, Cheyenne, 1955-1992 (senior status 1975-1992), nominated by President Eisenhower, died in office, d. 1992
Clarence A. Brimmer, Cheyenne, 1975-2013 (senior status 2006-2013), nominated by President Ford, retired, d. 2014
Nancy D. Freudenthal, 2010-present, nominated by President Obama

Seat 2

(established 1984)
Alan B. Johnson, Cheyenne, 1985-present, nominated by President Reagan

Seat 3

(established 1990)
William F. Downes, Casper, 1994-2011, nominated by President Clinton, retired
Scott W. Skavdahl, Cheyenne, 2011-present, nominated by President Obama

U.S. Bankruptcy Judges

Harold L. Mai, 1971-1994.
Peter J. McNiff, 1994-present

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