Executive Branch
The Executive Branch of Wyoming State Government is responsible for the execution and enforcement of state laws. This branch is made up of what is usually termed the "Five Elected Officials": the governor, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor and superintendent of public instruction. Most of the departments and agencies not specified under either the Legislative or Judicial Branches are also included here as they are organizationally structured under and report to the Governor as of 2015.

Territorial Executive Department, 1869 - 1890

The Executive Department of the Territory of Wyoming, created by the Organic Act, was composed of a Governor and Secretary of the Territory appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, each for a term of four years. These two offices became elective offices with the adoption of the Wyoming Constitution.

By authority of the Organic Act certain offices, created by Wyoming Law, were filled by appointment by the Governor with the consent of the Council. A brief history is given here of three of these offices - Auditor, Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Instruction - as they by the adoption of the State Constitution became Constitutional Departments.

Territorial officers appointed by the governor with the consent of the Council

Wyoming's Five State-Wide Elected Officials

Secretary of State
State Treasurer
State Auditor
Superintendent of Public Instruction