Blue Book, Volume V
Editor: Dr. Phil Roberts
First Published: 2008
Date Range: 1990 to 2007

Volume V brought the series into the new millennium. In addition to a hardbound copy, a digital copy of this volume was included on CD-ROM. Each of the four preceding volumes was digitized and made available in searchable PDFs.

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What about those "other" Volume Vs?

During the Wyoming Centennial in 1990, the department published a Volume V Part 1 and Part 2 to accompany the reprint of volumes I-IV. These two books included a complete listing of state and county government records in the Wyoming State Archives at the time of printing along with administrative histories of the various departments, agencies and counties. While this was in vogue for many archives at the time, it meant that the volumes were out of date almost as soon as they were printed since the Archives continued to receive additional material on a regular basis. The advent of digital and online cataloging has made it easier to provide up to date finding aids for collections and publishing these volumes is not longer a standard industry practice.

When it came time to print the 2008 update, it was decided to ignore these two odd volumes since they did not fit with the format of the series as a whole and the newest update, which did follow the format, would be numbered Volume V. The administrative histories from Volumes V Part 1 and 2 will become a part of this wiki. Current and up to date finding aids for state and county government records can now be found in the Rocky Mountain Online Archives (RMOA).

Table of Contents

Foreword by Governor Dave Freudenthal
State Symbols
State Government
Federal Government
Counties & Municipalities
Tribal Business Councils
Economy and Natural Resources
  • Water
  • Land
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Trona
  • Bentonite
  • Uranium
  • Agriculture
  • Taxation
Cultural Resources, Libraries, Museum, Historical Sites
Chronology: 1991-2007